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Men in Black, 2005

Men in Black Single Sex Nationals 2005

The Single sex nationals being held in Manchester was a chance not to be missed and a Lions and Mets based team entered for the first time. For a bunch of rookies we did pretty well.

Beating the eventual winners on Day 1 was one highlight, but THE best game was the last one:

11-0 down in the bottom of the third we launched the 2 out rally of all time scoring 14 runs to take the lead and demoralise the opposition. The stunned Solent Bhuoys managed only 1 run in the top of the 4th and then game was called giving us a 14-12 win.

Overall our record was 3 & 4, which was more than respectable - and not a first division player in sight...

Going Gone

The Squad

Mike Gordon Tony Jeremy Kfir Darrell Mark Kfir Tony Darren Darrell Mark