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I have captained a few teams in my time and it's a rewarding as well as a frustrating experience. Everyone who does the job has their own ideas about how to do it, on some teams the jobs are split between a group of people, others are more of a one man band. However you chose divide up the responsibilities you need to think about the same issues on any team and in these notes I look at three areas all Captains should give thought to. These are, how to organise a batting line up to maximise run production, who should go where in the field, and more general remarks about the issues around running a team. These remarks are mainly aimed at running newer, less experienced sides but the same issues have to be dealt with at any level.

Teams in the field Who to put where in the field and why
Team batting Making sure you score as many runs as possible
Running a team Organising the squad plus a few of the less pleasant aspects of captaincy