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Baseball in Oldham !

The 1930s

Ferranti Baseball team 1935

In the 1930s there was a baseball boom in Oldham (as in several other Northern towns) with a number of teams (including the Ferranti Sparks above), a colts league and a town team that played in the Yorkshire-Lancashire Major League.
The Oldham Greyhounds sometimes got crowds of c.5000 and even had games broadcast on the BBC. The activity in the 1930s makes the present baseball and softball scene in the UK look like very small beer and yet it left virtually no legacy at all. I'm interested in finding out more about Baseball in this country (and Oldham in particular) in the 30s so if anyone reading this knows of any good sources of information please get in touch.

Oldham teams included:

In 1935 William Brown, the owner of Oldham Greyhound Stadium, set up a league that covered much of the Manchester area:

In 1938 the Yorkshire-Lancashire Major League was formed. Teams were allowed one professional player each & included:

There is some information about Baseball in Britain at the SABR UK web site.

Most of the information presented here was acquired at Gallery Oldham Roughyeds exhibition and should be credited to Oldham Rugby League Heritage Trust.

Rochdale Greys

On 19th July 1939 a combined Rochdale and Oldham team played a US Navy team at Spotland. These images from the programme are courtesy of Tony Taylor who kindly emailed them to me...

US Navy Game US Navy Game

The 2000s

A new baseball club started playing in Oldham in 2007, the first for 50 years.

Baseball 2007