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Dave Wareham

Who writes this rubbish ?

I've been playing softball for quite a few years now, even though I started far too late, and in that time I've played for more teams than some people have eaten hot dinners. From a playing point of view my finest hour was probably the Manchester tournament in 1999 when I hit more home runs in one day than I do in most seasons and topped the batting averages for the Runners (see the team averages for that tournament below).

I don't think I'd ever be mistaken for a natural athlete but I've always been able to hit for average, and I can play a decent first base. A lot of hard work created some power a few years ago but that has now sadly gone. After many years of playing about with it I finally managed to pitch effectively in 2003. More or less immediately a chronic bad back stopped me from playing there regularly, though lack of alternatives has forced me out of pitching retirement a couple of times at tournaments recently (2007+).

After many years in Manchester work took me to Bristol in 2010 and I played with the Flatpackers, a mix of first base and a little pitching.

When I returned to Manchester in 2011 I set up a new team, the Tigers. In 2013 the Tigers added a 2nd team, the Wildcats.

I've always been interested in how the game works and I've done a lot of coaching over the years, most of it very enjoyable. There's nothing better than helping a player put it together or see them suddenly 'click'. The only bad thing about coaching is trying to get through to those who think they know it all already. Ironically it's often those with the greatest physical talents that have the closed minds. On the other side one of the big pluses with coaching is increasing age doesn't get in the way of continuing to learn and using your new knowledge in the same way as it hampers you when actually playing.


If you want to you learn more you can read about some of my favourite games here.

Teams played for 

1995 (1st half) Bees    
1995 (2nd half) CDS All Stars    
1996 Bombers Captain  
1997-1998 Bats   1997: Div 2 Champions
1998-2001 Runners   1999: Plate Runners Up - Manchester
2002-2006 Lions Captain 02-05 2002: Plate Runners Up - Leeds
2004: Plate winners - Leeds
2005: Rec comp runners up - Manchester
2005: Plate Winners - Nottingham
2006: Winners - Manchester Invitational
2006: Rec comp runners up - Grand Slam 1
2006: Rec Cup Winners - Manchester
2007-2009 More Lions Captain 2007: MSL 3rd Division Champions
2007: Rec Plate Runners Up - Manchester
2008: Rec winners - Mets tournament
2008: Rec runners up - Manchester
2008: Comp 3 runners up - Edinburgh
2008: MSL - Won promotion to Division 1
2009: Comp Plate Runners Up
- Manchester First Ball
2010 Flatpackers (Bristol)  
2011+ Tigers Captain 2011: MSL First Ball Rec plate Runners up
2011: Red Rose Cup winners
2011: Red Rose Cup 2 winners
2012: Promotion to Division 2
2013+ Wildcats Captain 2012: Promotion to Division 3
Tigers, MSL2012
Tigers, MSL2012

Red Rose Cup winners 2011

Lions are Winners Lions are Winners Manchester 06 Manchester 05 Leeds 04 Leeds 02 Runners 2000 Manchester 99 Finest hour Glasgow 97 Bats 97

Leeds 02 Leeds 04 Manchester 05 Even more silverware